chinese…..don’t only have small heads and bodies but also the load under is questionable…

a chinese company that recently supplied condom in south africa have found themselves in shock after many customers complained that all the condoms bust while in action…..reason is they were too small for them.

A court has blocked the government from buying 11 million condoms from China. The reason is that they can not fit in the smallest cock in SA.

The firm named Siqamba Medical planned to buy the Phoenurse condoms from China but its misfortunes turned worse when a rival firm, Sekunjalo Investments Corporation, went to High Court in Pretoria after losing the bid. They have a strong case: their condoms are 20 per cent larger than the Chinese ones. And that was enough for the sitting judge to block the deal for Siqamba. And with over 5.38 million of its 50 million people carrying the virus, the judge need think on this.

condoms colored Chinese Condoms Too Small For The South Africans


This brings many undesired and unanswerable questions in ones thoughts.e.g

1. just how small is a chinese man’s dick compared to a south african

2.what will be the outcome of a case of an interaction between a south african man and a chinese woman or vice versa????


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