10 best reasons to break up with your no.1 kamrembo

i have this beautiful inspiring lady that i refer to as my girlfriend. she has the physical properties to ignite sparks in a man’s heart but i just have to divorce her for some issue::
1. She has refused to shave for no apparent reason.

2. She wraps a dirty pair of stinky stocking around her hair every night, this really puts me off!

3. I think she stole some money I had forgotten in my trouser pockets, we have been staying just the two of us and I can’t have stolen the money. She has denied though she recently bought an expensive didlo

4. Each time I want bedmington, she says she is tired. Our neighbour told me that our watchman usually spends a lot of time in the house when I leave for work…..She likes buying him cigarettes these days.

5. She has grown too fat and she doesn’t exercise at all. Her shape resembles that of a banana stem these days while my neighbours wife has kept herself trim.

6. When I climb her, she just lies there plaiting her hair. She has also become very big, It just feels like I am floating in Lake Victoria. I think she is circumcised because when I try to locate her chlit with my fingers, I don’t seem to find it, there is just some kind of scar there.

7. She is a very poor cook, when she cooks githeri,it looks like kokoto and tastes like cow dung.She cooks meat and it is hard like the skin of a pachyderm .

8. She does not brush her teeth before bed time, fumes coming from her mouth has managed to kill all cockroaches and all other crawling insects. Just imagine trying to kiss that mouth!!!yak!

9. She has been insisting that I do her from her exhaust pipe, but I can’t bring myself to do that. When I refuse, she refuses me conjugal magendos

10. Our bedroom looks like it has one through an earthquake,things are scattered allover the place.You find her panties(both washed and unwashed)everywhere!!.

i hope this a gud enough reason for my breakup..



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