kenyan government out to abolish the sex for fish culture of women in nyanza

KISUMU (Kenya) – For the past five years, Achieng*, a 35-year-old widow and mother of six, has sold fish on the Kenyan shores of Lake Victoria; like many women in the fish trade, Achieng often has to have sex with fishermen in order to get the best catch of the day, a system known in the local Luo language as jaboya.
“When you are a woman and you want to get into the business of selling fish, you must be ready to lose your pride and use your body for bargaining,” she told IRIN/PlusNews. “Being ready to give sex as and when it is needed by the fishermen . . . it guarantees your survival here on the beach.”

A recent donation of six boats to women’s groups in Nyanza by the US Peace Corps shows some of the ways jaboya can be addressed; the women are able to fish for themselves, eliminating dependence on fishermen.
“When you have nothing, those who have something must tell you to bend over backwards for them. Now we have boats and we will no longer be at anybody’s mercy,” Millicent Onyango, one of the beneficiaries of the US Peace Corps’ “No-Sex-for-Fish” project.

this are the certain steps that nyanza women can appreciate to atleast getin the chance to regain their dignity



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