Kenya is said to have the most beautiful n sexiest ladies in east Africa atleast i think so…….looking at the music industry who dare argue with me that this ladies are worth been called hot?????

What can i say???i love her patriotism to our country.. stl mwangi born in 1986 stl has been an inspirational singer,song writer living in norway but always has kept the content of her songs kenyan..to me, stl is one artist who has placed a stepping stone for youths in the whole world



From the oldies of liar and sitishiki to the new era music: running low  this talented lady,mother and wife(to nameless) started her singing career in 2000 and has brown the minds of lots of her fans..she has won many awards and im sure many more are yet to come…


3.AMANI (cecilia wairimu)

Born in 1980 she grew into a firely musician whose music till now  voice im sure got many guys on their toes as  juliani says “sauti ya kutoa nyoka pangoni “…she is beautiful and yes many wud love to date her.


4.SIZE 8 (linet munyali)

She is the type that we say ahpendi kasheshe mob…..and anatetea mashamba boiz…atleast this is evident from her song shamba boy..her beauty is not questionable as well as her singing…..



Kambua was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. Her gift of music was evident from a very tender age, and her father nicknamed her, “Kasuni”(Kamba for bird). She is based in canada and is well known for her gospel songs like nishikilie and many others..


This and many others  beautiful lady singers are from our country…..the decision is yours to know who suits you most as the most beautiful of all!!!




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