dad_son conversation

If you are a father that likes beating up his male child beware of the disgusting and horrific payback he has in plan for you::
Dad: hey junior, I know I beat you a lot, but it’s
because you are normally very naughty, Do you
ever feel bad when I beat you cos I don’t
normally see it in your actions afterwards.
Son: dad I feel bad all of the time
Dad: sorry boy, But don’t you feel like getting
back at me to make you feel better.
Son: I do dad, every time.
Dad: well talking about isn’t the way to go about
it is it?
Son: ahhh, Dad I’ve got my ways. All I do is go
and wash the toilet and I feel better immediately.
Dad: ha ha ha ha, And how does that make you
feel better son.
Son: I always use your toothbrush, and I put it
back immediately after, He he he he!!!


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