Things neva to say to a Dj in a club..

since kenya is becoming a raving country day by day, you shud know some things you shud neva tell a Dj thats if you want your night at a club to end well:

1. “Punguza sauti!”… as intoxicated as you are, you should try as hard as possible not to say this to the Dj, because you probably not okay. You should have stayed home with your sterio palito.

2. “Play me that song that goes like…” You should realise that Djaying is a professional like any other, and therefore there is something called planning. Most DJs have a playlist that they follow after they practiced, to ensure they hype their fans. Requesting a song, especially one that is on its way really pisses them off. Just go there when it’s request time. You make it worse by saying “I’m the one who told him to blend it with that song!”.

3. “We’re never coming back here if you don’t play our track.”. Honestly, the DJ doesn’t care. wether you come or not, he/she will still get paid.

4. “How much do they pay you for this?”…noboby asked you how much you earn, so please just mind your own business.

5. “You suck!”… If you realy have to say this, watch out for the bouncers. If they are near and you still go ahead and say it… that’s just plain stupid.

So if you are one of the guys who say this please for your sake just stop……

…….a concerned raver


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