6 reasons why ‘morning glory’ is good for a better day.

Some may think about it as addiction but for me i call it ujanja wa siku njema…..siku njema huonekana asubuhi!!!

1. Fresh your mornings – be loved
What better way to start your morning than to be kissed by your beloved! Making love in the mornings is the most rejuvenating way to begin your day. It leaves both of you lively and full of energy. Experts confirm to this, when they say that your energy levels in the morning soar twice as high when you have been loved, than normal.

2. Let there be love in the air
Psychologists point to the fact that when you begin your day with making love to your partner, the “lovely” feeling and the bliss shared, remains with each one throughout the day, providing reassurance and a secured feeling of “just being there”.
This helps each one to deal with the problems better and face challenges. Research proves, that somewhere in the sub conscious mind, a feeling of “oneness” does exist when it has been sparked off early morning.

3. Health benefits
The Queen’s University of Belfast in a research discovered that morning sex decreased the risk of heart attack or stroke by half and improved blood circulation, thus reducing blood pressure. Another study claimed that morning sex helps alleviating migraine and reducing arthritic pain and inflammation. All the more you are at a reduced risk of developing diabetes as each session burns around 300 calories.

4. Get that facial glow and lustrous hair
Love your partner, the first thing in the morning, and whoa! get that “killer glow” for both of you! Sex in the morning is proved to be a great inner cosmetic!  It will make your face glow and your hair shine and that’s because there is an increase in the production of estrogen and other essential hormones.

5. An alert mind
Yes, you tend to be mentally active and alert, after a great lovemaking session with your partner early in the morning. This is because after the night slumber that lasts for almost eight hours, a rejuvenating active session alerts your brainy nerves and keeps them “on-their-toes”!

6. Smile at work
Getting busy in bed, the first thing in the morning, will set your feel-good hormones pumping and you will enter your office with a smile on your face, making it much easier for you to put up with whatever hassles your day brings.


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