mkikuyu na biashara…..wacha 2!!!!

Njoroge buys a cow from Ole Bogani for Sh 20,000 and asks him to deliver it the next day.

The next day Ole Bogani shows up at Njoroge’s
doorstep. ” Sorry Njoroge but the cow died last night.”

“OK”, says Njoroge, ” Give me my money back”. ”
Sorry, I have already spent it,” said Ole Bongani.

“Goodness gracious!.. iha ngombe?, bring me the dead cow,” says Njoroge.
“I’ll know what to do”.

The next morning, the carcass is delivered to
Njoroge. A fortnight later, Ole Bongani bumps into Njoroge
and asks him what he did with the dead cow.

“Oh, I entered a raffle for it to be won, and sold 150 tickets at Sh 500 each and
made a profit of Sh 75,000  I just didn’t tell anybody
that the cow was dead”.

“But didn’t people complain?” asks Ole Bongani in amazement.

“Only the guy who won, so I gave him his Sh 500 back”.


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