Dear Maina Kageni,
You’re full of sh!t! I DON’T understand how a man whose heterosexual relationships can be counted on one hand can claim to be the number one authority on HETEROSEXUAL relationships!! Yes, I went there!! Your show these days, just like the Dandora dumpsite is piling up with sh!t. Stinking up the whole freaking industry, cause every lazy FVCK wants to be like ‘You’.

Your show is all about pushing stereotypes! Every freaking day! Don’t you ever get tired?? Does this make you sleep better at night … oh wait … is that why you drink like alcohol is going out of bizness?

This is a typical week on Classic 105’s Breakfast show. Monday, a lady calls and says her husband doesn’t like ‘styles’ in bed. Maina asks the men why they don’t like styles in bed. Tuesday, one guy during ‘Jana’s’ show says, he can only have styles with his mistress. Maina asks ladies what they feel about it. Wednesday’s discussion is from something that was said on Tuesday. Thursday’s discussion feeds off something that was said on Wednesday. Friday’s discussion feeds off something that was said on Thursday. My friend … SEE how fvkked up Maina and Ndambuki are?? And someone has the balls to call them revolutionary?? Yes, THEY WERE FUNNY!! But no more.

Yes, it’s the MOST popular show in the country. It has a fanatical following especially in the Nairobi region, every freaking matatu is on Classic 105. It’s not like they have good music either. Their music is as interesting as a cold Baker’s Inn sandwich. But I have to ask, who is shady? Maina or his listeners? Is Maina just a smart guy feeding off a shallow society? Or is it Maina who is feeding society with his shallowness??

I asked his boss last year why they continue to have that ass wipe content in the morning. His boss was like … well the THAT IS WHAT THE LISTENERS WANT?! I asked him what would happen if they at least TRIED to offer their listeners ‘Good radio shows’ he had no answer!

What fvkking irritates me is when folks say, ‘Oh, si people love that’ without even attempting to TRY and offer quality products! That’s being LAZY!!! Here’s a scenario, when I was like 13, we had this lady who used to come to my mother’s house to clean ish. She used to bring along her small boy. One day, I offered the kid a sausage and the mother shouted ‘Hakuragi hizo’ … well I forced the sausage on the boy and he LOVED IT! See, Classic is NOT trying; Radio Africa is where creativity DIES!!! They’d rather stick on their comfort zone, when they see the numbers wanning, they START dishing out loooads of cash so that their fools can stick around. How do you explain TWO shows on one station that sound the freaking same?!

Oh BTW … 90% of calls on Maina’s show are ‘Outbound’. It means he calls folks, not from texts; he has identified IDIOTS who can ‘fan’ a discussion. Guys like ‘Wakanai and Charlie’

ps. this is a letter encountered from research and the public should have a say of their views!!!

i saw this n thought u shuld see it too.


246 comments on “A DISS LETTER TO CLASSIC 105 BY A HATER…

  1. I used 2b aklassic damu but now i hate it like shit,due to ill talking kikuyu women who always make call to contribute on maina’s immorals topics.am asoul listener but i make sure i skip maina program & enjoy the rest progrms,those women of maina’s prgrm shame on you cant u act as a gud examples to ya daughters and sons

  2. What,,,, are you jealous??? You must have had a post negative effect cause of the show….maybe when they address the issues, they keep talking about you….hehehehe!! Pole, but society gets what society wants…..

  3. Get a life.Maina is living large.u r just 1 of the h8rs he has.come 2 thnk of it,hs sexuality is hs godamn bzness,if he luvs the arse nd u luv pussy,th@s the dfference.oh,umemaliza kufungua roho-?coz ad say u jst want publicity nd mnd you Maina nd Ndambuki get it automatically bila h8ng.NOTE:Check on your grammar……nd like i said,get a life.ama uanze show yako dfferent na yenye ina make sense….Grow up!!

    • @Nyambura,
      Ur slow as mud dear. What are you? 6? This is not Kindergarten! The basis of the argument hear is not what maina and kingangi are worth. or whether their famous or not. It’s about the quality of the content their dishing out to the masses on a professional level. So whether or not you agree with the post, please do learn how to argue like an intellect. Critics criticize Hallie berry & Nicholas cage and so forth when they make crappy movies not because they have starred(critics) in better movies of their own but cuz someone has to tell them off when they dish out sh!t!

      • @i am radio is all about having a target audience,each prog has its target audience dat show is giving him millions coz advertisers/sponsers r competing their products 2 b aired at dat tym coz it has an audience. n by the way if u fil u don fit in maina kageni’s show,u just change 2 another station!! i guess no one is forced 2 listen 2 it.

      • @i am radio is all about having a target audience,each prog has its target audience dat show is giving him millions coz advertisers/sponsers r competing their products 2 b aired at dat tym coz it has an audience. n by the way if u fil u don fit in maina kageni’s show,u just change 2 another station!! i guess no one is forced 2 listen 2 it.

      • Someone listening to Nyambura and co. will think of the hookers in Koinange Street who do not really understand the difference between sense and cents. I guess you failed even in your blood test and that’s why you’re venting your stress on the blogger whose simple full stop or a coma makes absolute more sense than your entire crap. Can you explain what it means when you say “Get a life”? Wasn’t that what you were told by your very first prospective client who never was back in the street? I’ll say it to you on your face which I can bet is now looking as bored as your neglected arse over those 3 days of hell when your business hits a low. Or are you on your periods right now? Maina will perhaps run a pads advert and you might be that lucky winner. Stay tuned flat bottom.

    • i think you should get a life…do you think its normal for such thing to happen…no wonder there are so many rape cases and this is because are turning a blind eye…what do you gain hah!..listening to crap all day..all they instill is sexual urge and immorality…living large u say lets how long that would be..oh and you forgot they drink themselves to death is that part of living large…you just cheap..

    • its amazing how if an accident happens, people look how the wreck was a mess and IDIOTS like nyambura look what the victims were putting on at time of the accident …. ur a disgrace

  4. Thats so freakin’ true..Maina shd get married first before advising us on bed and marital matters..same with Ciku Muiruri..

    • @Jane…or Hilda??? U missed my point by a mile. Am not for or against the show. And Am not gonna result to insults, but lemme try one more time to put it as lay-manly as humanly possible, Maina could make a billion from the show for all we care, but that doesn’t make what he do(or doesn’t do thereof) right! That’s why I used the Holy Wood analogy. Sigh! If u aint still getting it, guess this is too deep for you to comprehend then.

  5. I just don’t understand why you worry so much about classic 105 and radio africa like they are the only radio stations you can listen to…turn to other channels like bibilia husema…and listen that:) we are grown ups and we CHOOSE what we wan’t to listen. We are adults and you can’t force as like you eithe little chap whose mama washed your clothes…Clearly you are a hater and nobody gives a crap about haters:) cause we know they have small brains and they are full of WIVU! NKT!!!!!

  6. no 1 is being forced 2 listen 2 maina n mwalimu if ur really pissed abt them start ua own station n have ua listeners u act as if ur so holy if that what u feel u shld pack n go 2 heaven that where saints live nkt dont you have a terrible empty feeling in ua skull?ppl like u make me believe in reincarnation nobody can b as stupid as u in a lifetime

  7. I thinks it high time the society has to accept reality and realize that the oldern dayz culture has fully been overtaken..kidds are having access to the net,pornographic materials are being sold to the under aged…its high time our society has to simply teach pple to be responsibe and educate on the consequnces of wrong doings rather than pointing fingers….the pple to blame are the callers.Maina and kingangi are simply doing there job.Period

  8. Cheap publicity stand,turn to other channels..you are the ass wipe you’re gloating about. And do something about your grammar!!

  9. good publicity bad publicity who cares…az long thy r making thea followers happy,who r yu lo complain. jst do yo thing na let others do thea thing. dont hate the player hate the game. all successful pipo all ova have haters like yu to make thm mo successful…the mo yu criticize thm the mo thy get publicity.. go on en yu will c hw thy will BOOM on yo face

  10. U r such a wreck, racist, wat do kyuks av to do with the show? they don call for free,,simply say u r broke usaidiwe moreover there r so many sttns that u can tune to whnva u lyk..or u start ur own.nkt u shud germinate.

  11. All these people tell’ng the blogger to get a life,man do you know the hell what that means?another one call’ng her fuckd up self goes ahead tellng ths creative blogger to start his own show!!damn gyal r u dumb or jus some confused product of a failed abortion???the owner of this article,from the way he expresses himself i guess has more of the ‘life’ u telling him to get fucktards.Nyambura cn u speak good english like the one in the article??!!THIS GOES OUT TO ALL EM HATIN ON THE BLOGGER!!

  12. Stop complaining dude, maina and Ndambuki show may not be revolutionary but thats what people wanna hear and remember Radio Africa are in business, meaning that they care about making profit rather than thinking narrowly like you.This is a free world if you want to listen to holy talk shows go to Vatican dumb ass

  13. Dude..shut the fuck up n stop with yo bitchin…no one forced yo haitin ass to listen to the show goddamit…..get a life you freak….futhermore yu can bitch all tu want..but the dude still rakin inn big ass bags full off cash yu made….nway it was Cool story bro. Put it in the history books with all the other boring shit tht no one cares about bitch

  14. How old exactly are you?? If you are working then you have to realize by now that one has to do everything in their power to get the best outcome. So if whatever Maina is doing n its outcome is the best then I don’t see it as a problem, in fact he is the best on what he does. So stop bitching and bickering and get a life!! His sexuality is none of your problem, the listeners love him and his topics. If you hate it don’t listen, Classic105 ain’t the only station and I don’t believe anyone is forcing you to listen…

  15. Maina opts to giv sound advice,imagn after a discussion the lad jaz ends the show without being morally advocating speechful advice to a distraught earthling

  16. Kwani u people who r criticizing n counter criticizing hav changed the katiba we made the other day? we al hav a right of freedom of expression n choice. sex matters hav bin a taboo for a long time. Hiyo time imepita. ongeeni.

  17. Maina talks facts and lifes’ reality and he does not come up with this issues himself,like you said, a yesterdayz issue becomes todayz topic which is from the public. Classic is not the only station in Kenya, this is a democratic country n we all have freedom to choose what we want to listen to.

  18. This what i’ve been asking myself, is this classic doesnt ave any topics to talk about?! Exept talking about sex in the morning?! And callers are kiuks, is there marriage rotten the way they discuss their immorality in media? This is madness and needs to stop.

    • Blah blah blah kama wasenge! If maina n ndambuki dont give u attetion jst go out there n find another station. Wivu! Nktecticles

  19. what king’ang’I and Maina are doing is geting a living.that is their life.whats yours?..stop dragging us backwards.the society has grown and many things that were usually hidden among adults are these days disseminated to evryone.that is the current way of doing things duhhh

  20. Society is getting uglier by tha minute en blaming classic 105 wun’t change a thing. It’s unfortunate they’ll be sued for airing explicit content earlier but Maina’s only there to make a living either shitty or explicit the material, he makes a milli a month. So we can only blame our morals as out there even grown ups are fucking goats, donkeys and chickens. Society is you, me, the listeners,callers,Maina, Kingangi…and the only thing u shud hld on to is ur morals en pass them to ur kids.

    • B.rEAL, I agree with you. Society is decadent and yes, we can’t heap all the blame on Maina and his side-kick, but they are also part of this society you speak of. Society is also them. And just like the rest of us, they have the obligations we all share of “bettering” our world.
      If a woman burns her children behind closed doors, is it ok since she isn’t forcing you to do the same to yours?
      What these people, or anyone else like them for that matter, are doing isn’t right. Choosing to say nothing about it isn’t right either. And the blogger’s, in my opinion, point of approach to this issue wasn’t even one of the issue of immorality. It was purely business. So methinks that everyone that feels attacked by the article condemns themselves. He dint say it was wrong, just that its lazy-which it is, and everyone who thought that it was narrow might consider looking up that word.
      Just because I don’t listen to classic of my own choice doesn’t mean that it doesn’t get forced on me in a matatu. And in any case, it doesn’t make anything ok.

      • @MADEOFWATER: you r so ryt.
        if they want to talk sex n all i have no problem but cant they atleast do it at an appropriate time(after the watershed period)

      • I second that, U know the real issue isnt Maina discussing whatever he does, its the timing, some other stations also got such discussions which are usually late at night when all kids are dead asleep, and again when the program gets U in a mat U dnt hav an option rather than listen to the vulgar talk shylly, we hav the responsibility as a society to do whats right for everyone of us!

  21. at tyms they might go astray since man is to error burr maina n king’ang’a is fun not 2 mention callers lyk big papa>wakanai.IF IT IRITATES U THEN QUIT,I LOV DA PAIR.

  22. At least u listen to the show since u knu ol the topic of the week lol u fckin hater n yep u look lyk tht sausage u give axample wit anwy get a life n stop hating u’l jus die bitter u idiot maina hands up

    • Pe square ur very stupid . . if ur thinking in that level, why did u comment on this blog yet there are a million blogs on internet? why ddnt u just ignore it if u dont like it? pple like u r like trees, u take too long to think

  23. You guys,continue on hating n stresing uaselves na hao ni pesa wanapata…this is KENYA n thea r people who own it…deal wt sm facts athawise mtakufa na stres buree!

  24. Yaaaawn…i read bitterness and envy on this article. Its either the writer was fired off classic or failed an interview miserably

  25. Some go to church cos they want time with God…some don’……. In short people choose wh@ to do.i listen to em’ smtyms….and if i don’t feel like,i don’t listen to them…xo if you feel like listening to preachings and th@ kinda stuff,,u knw whea to get it!?!xo what if maina is gay..no one has stopped u from being one….keep it professional not personal!

  26. Yu dimmwits supportin’ de show r jus bitches who love to gossip around i was suprised to see even dudes tunin’ in on de show i knw he makin’ big bucks bt he also erodin’ the morals in our society blogger i suppotcha bro

  27. Wewe acha hate speech… Fungua KBC Idhaa ama Citizen kama umechoka na CLASSIC but if u feel u wanna save the world, take ur arguments to the court of law, Dr. Mutunga is waiting!!!!

  28. Ha ha.
    Maina and Ndambuki are legends, they speak their Mind and i like that. “A knowledgable man Believes Half of what is told and a Wise Man, Knows which Half to Follow.” Oops you dont fall under any of this.
    Am suprised that you behave like stupidity is a virtue, Life is like a system, where one thing supports another and a sequence of events, step by step, and thats how life finds sense in its intergrity. Oh boy, havent you learnt this, your own example, did you get to puberty at 5yrs? Maina helps U

  29. Its funny hw pple claim they want freedom of speech n wen 1 guy does tht all u find r retards tryn 2 tell hm 2 get a lyf u nid that lyf urself big up 2 th blogger n as 4 th other a**shits behavn lyk homo erectus grow up!! Reply 2 ths n al knw u rily r a retard.

  30. I think many of u bloggers r not PARENTS….i luv the show but the timing is awkward…imagine thats the time im taking my KIDS to SKOOL…..one day youll be parents n youll experience the same!!! The show should be @ NIGHT…

  31. I don’t have a problem when they are just fucking around…..but i have a major problem when they offer really misleading advice to the public…..U may not realize it now but alot of our women and men listen to advice offered in this show…..HUH! talk about Blind leading the blind
    All i suggest is some of these shows should be done in moderation and rather than rush to give misguided advice…. refer the callers to a Councillor or therapist

    • thx Larry this is the most sane comment I’ve heard, I’ve heard of an SA radio station ridiculing the Lesbians, made a show like this and someone brought a joke that “maybe the Lesbians haven’t had a chance of getting a dick….. and it looked like a joke, but later turned into reality, the Lesbians were Raped if noted in believe that they would turn straight, that’s just an example, i hear awkward statements in this show, im sure most of the people enjoy the show…OK .. but what is it teaching your parents, sister, neighbor . . .think about that for a second . . .

  32. @I am I actually agree with you, that show is pure BULLSHIT!!!!!!!

    Then again, like you wrote, Maina is just feeding a very shallow society, smart people like you and I have realized how crappy that show is and don’t bother listening to it anymore. I suggest you do the same, maybe you should tune in to ONE FM 97.1, they may be boring but they dont feed you with garbage in the morning like Classic FM and they actually play nice music(if you like African Hip hop).

    Let the shallow people listening to the show continue being shallow.

    • i so agree with you I am and thuorose, we need not listen to these bulshit but the problem is these shallow returds who listen to this show live in the same society we are in and we continue feedin us with this Gabbage whether we want it or not, in Matatus we dont choose what to listen to..

  33. i note profoundly tht people defending ths infamous show & hosts are bitter, vulgar and vain, i wldnt need to search any further for reason as to why i wld indulge in such a show as a fun the posts speaks for themselves.

  34. Haha, this is what u call cheap publicity. Who puts a gun in2 ur head to make u listen 2them??? Usituambukize ujinga, no wonder pple lyk Maina and Kingangi will stay ahead of the game compared to such losers like u….kazi ni kazi, bora inawekelea kitoweo kwa meza, hata umalaya si ni job tu kama Ile Ingine, GROW UP!!!

  35. aaah! jamani maajabu haya. aliyekulazimisha kuisikiliza classic ni nani? kuna stesheni kadhaa humu wewe tia yako parental lock hata nao wana wako wasisikilize. umejaa fitina wewe unakereketa nkt! classic raucks big tym jamani. diversify ur little thick mimd in short

    • the problem with you is that u think kutukana mtu ndiyo kushinda majadiliano, this guy aired his concern… what did u do? abused him, i think ur thick not him, i know ur not a parent, but would u watch porn with ur kid and call that diversity? thats what ur implying, im sure if u had a teenage girl u wouldnt let her walk in groups fearing per pressure , now to bring u back to track, most conversation on this show is so mis advicing and too arrogant that the show targets the right set of people but wrong timing .. just admit it

  36. Change will come when Kenyans speak out against ths shit inmatatuz coz usually i never see any1 even attempt to ask th driver to change th station. Peeps just let th garbage in coz u bliv th rest of the passengers want to listen to it. SPEAK TH HELL UP N BOYCOTT TH SHIT..

  37. I fail to understand the folly behind this fools words.showbiz d0es not hav sense,its only that,bizness…classic iz abt wat pple want,nt wat f0ols lyk u thnk

  38. Criasly kenyans nid to grow up and stop thinking worse than 2yr old kids its a high tym u learn to accept tha truth n that way u wil improve ur lives by working ur a**es awt to make a living than lazing around jst to listen to crap are u turnin ths country into a prostitution country nw that ths maina niggah campains 4 that open ur eyes n ears n c n hear!! Nkt!! Tha blogger is very ryt!!

  39. hehehe people,, listen to what you are comfortable with!! mi niko sawa na Bonoko na Mbuus. ghetto is a nice one!! anyway, its your life, you chuz what you want to hear!!

  40. I am going to dimensionize;that is sit on the fence and criticize both sides from an aerial point of view……..
    For those who are FOR Maina,you don’t tell people to switch to another station. You do not have that authority. Take this analogy into consideration: If you are cheering your soccer team,say in this case Zambia in the African Cup of Nations,you wont tell the fans to get up from their seats and leave just because a player is stinking up the whole field,will you? And even if you did to what efficacy would that run? Not much am afraid… And by all of you repeating the same thing about switching to another station it only proves that the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree…no offence.

    And for those of you AGAINST Maina,maybe it would take you sitting in his chair every morning to know what he has to deal with. Am not saying he might be having too much on his plate to chew,but hey,if the whole country decided to one day watch and listen to you as you go through your day in your workplace,would you turn out to be blameless? Due to our differences and our diversity someone somewhere will find a problem with you. And unfortunately no amount of effort will suffice to get you into everybody’s good books…
    Now ponder about that…

  41. ..i thnk u r shit &the ass u r caling the great maina.,wat does kikuyus concern u wt..mind ua own P’s &Q’s.,thea r other stations u kan listen 2..biblia husema,truth fm,hope fm..u r jst shit,kwani who r u 2say the kind of programe 2b aired..,evn when ua shit dies,ts programes shall b aired.,so dnt dictate ua maturity 2the grown-ups..ass hole u

    • Man, pls don insult anyone’s mother…assuming u r an adult, pls do behave like one. insult me all u like, but bring my mother into it, man, u must love ur life otherwise…

    • i cant believe a grown up can talk about a mother like this idiot! very sad that even these kind of characters can get access to the blog. how mindless can one get??

  42. nkt whos bussiness is it wether hes a gay o a womanizer its funny hw u pipo get 2 remove a speck in 1s eye wen u got logs no 1 is eva forced 2 listen 2 hym n again truth hurts n dats y u can talk this am a psychologist by proffession n i talk 2 husbands n wyfs n dats de same thing dat appens dats y we neva make a step forward coz we neva support each other i support dat show n if u cnt hld it xo manny channels 2 b tuned

  43. Thz lady has lacked what 2 say or do!
    Unless if she owns a 1 stationed radio or phone…
    Whoever is pleased wit th stuff, stays there 4 the show!
    And let’s not lie, kids of 2day know even more than u think they know!

    • JK let me TEACH u something, u have to go thro’ issues in life to LEARN and know , if u went to school and failed, ur very different from one who never went to one, and u cant argue that if u knew u would fail u would’ve gone to school, so u cannot study a disease by reading how to stay healthy, u have to Study the DISEASE and its SYMPTOMS

  44. I start listening to Music at 10 am when Tina Kagia is on and stop at 3pm when Ciku and Nick are about to start. I resume again at 8pm till midnight and Listen to ever mature Larry Asego. If it werent for Souls I wdnt be listening to Classic.

  45. when i listen to Maina its not by choice, its coz Matatus are all tuned to classic, i dont have a big problem with their show, but sometimes money is not everything… i wish the show was at night, it wouldnt be so troublesome sitting with my dad in a mat in the morning and i have to pretend am not hearing anything. i really wonder how our children will grow..

  46. kudos 2 the writer of this letter.personally am a psychologist and ma counselin responsibility has been freakin boring bcoz of kina maina’s craps on classic 105.they av broken uncountable families not 2 mention relationships bcoz kenyans av got high affinity of their assholes.if u can discuss ur bed styles over the radio u personaly u r out of ur senses bt y do they do it,its bcoz kina maina av med it a lyf style.they shud luk 4 an alternativ better option coz the current one is juz but a sign of shalloness amongst them

    • Like i said……they can fuck around on air all they want….but when it comes to dishing out misguiding advice…..this is where i have a problem
      Come think of it these discussions are always one sided….we never get to hear the other side of the story

  47. We better get other things right. Listening to maina in a mat or home with pple around has become totally shameful. What happened to morality? And some pple here are pretending to be in support eh? Shame on u too. A str8 man/woman daznt need radio n phone advice to run his/her relationship. G-pange and give maina time to marry first then advice/look for advice for men nkt!!!!!!!! Shame on Classic.

    • totally agree with you, what does it benefit someone to have their ssex life discussed on radio,. if they are okay with it, let them give their full names too

  48. Kenyans wil neva grow up. Wats the use of al their money wen they leave a rotten legacy bhind…Talk it blogger, let no 1 intimidate u!!!

  49. It high time we think b4 we talk maina and the other guy hv turn radio 2 another thnk how cm frm jan 2 dec the only topic they cn cm up with is about sex maina should be the last person 2 gv advice about sex we panda the matatu with our kids very moning

  50. dear hater do you know why they have that nobe on your radio its there so you dont have to listen to any station you dont like its clear you listen to maina otherwise how do you know about the topics,get your own show and see how many will listen to you i bet no one…dont hate on maina he has worked very hard to get where he is

  51. Wee unajifanya dada au kaka yesu,,,,wachana na maisha ya maina,,,,kwanza unaonekana wewe ni ukabila uko nao,,,,kuna stesheni kama mllembe,ramogi,musii,,,usitulete ujuaji wako wa nursery school,,,,,,,kwani ulikua unataka maina aka kukataa eti ni Gay?????WIKANYIRE to hero with you,,,,,,,

  52. its bullshit…lets face it. Even from a non-moral view, u need to be a whack to listen to crap about how men are asking for assholes instead of pussy’s from their wives 365 days a year. Have nothing against Maina…but crap is crap

  53. most of u hating on wat they discuss are affectd wen u hear da truth.i lyk da programme since it tries to erase da ignorance in society.
    n u DON’T FORCE pple to take ur ideas….dats sick of u n am ashamed dat u even did dat to a kid.shows how realy evil u are.

  54. At times its embarasing when you are with your seniors in traffic and next to you the radio is in the station and at high volume kisha mutu ana calliwa ana ongea those “F” words.

  55. “… well I forced the sausage on the boy and he LOVED IT!….”

    Very ambiguous! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! CONFESSION ALERT!!!! that poor boy! LOLEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • If people are complaining on his way of making money….. that is not smart. smart is making money without interfrng with other peoples lives…….. we are in the future not the past and eventualy something is going to happen about this issue, people know their rights what should nd should not be.

  56. ths is hiz own opinion, evry one has a right to b heard on their own opinion in evrything in this world so those who be hating on him ……write up ua own blog on how u like th show instead of hating on him ….u tell him to get a life, well u th one who needs to get 1 n post ua own blog, n 4 thoz hating on hiz grammar, look at ua own grammar 1st n rem tht no one iz perfect on ths earth…..n 4 th angry blogger, change th goddamn station…….#jus sayin

  57. Yes am so proud of the author. someone needed to do this this.
    I hate it and I’d hate to believe that people actually take advice from that kind of crap!

  58. True…i thought am the only one who hates this show…btw they never offer any solution but in instead corrupt our women making them believe are martyrs..dont they borrow a leaf from Easy Fm Marcus n Munene. They have poisoned our women, no wonder they have started battering us and all this is thanks to one fvkkin Maina. Does he have a woman in his life? SHAME!

  59. My question is this 2 the men that surpport the crap wat wud u do if ur faithful to ua wife n u hear her call the station saying none of the kids u hav blongs 2 u guys reason like grown ups nkt kudos to the blogger

  60. Maina in a plain context for the intelligent mind, In a summary: “Illuminati, destroying family values, supporting immorality and abusadity.” By implication what that show airs, Fill-in yourself.

  61. Guys rily nid to get a lyf!@i am it seems u rily av a gd idea bout wat they present whch means u listen to the crap too.so hw about u grow up,chose anaa station en let pple be!coz one thng is 4 sure,u r minority coz i bet the show is stil on!en cleverme i totally agree with you

  62. Criosly….If you got a problem then change the damn station!i dnt even get it….why dyou even listen to it??stop spreadin yua own shit around!!

  63. i hate the crap they discuss everyday,is there nothing else to discuss apart from sex,cheating n all those other sick discussions???…i like Maina’s laughter tho

  64. so some pipo agree with the facts and others don’t……to some pipo maina, mwalimu and wakania are heroes and to others there are just plain boring…heheheh those insisting you should change the station, can u do that in a matatu????

    • no u can’t but u can ignore wateva they say if it doesn’t suit u.The gud thing about this whole issue is that Maina doezn’t give people advice he only hears peoples opinion,n its thoze people who call that give the rest of the listeners more ideas n thts y it goez round n round n round.

  65. This article’s biased! I don’t quite like some of their discussions, but have to admit most of them are very informative. Again, I find it the least irritating to continue with a previous day’s,week’s, or month’s topic if it’s interesting to many listeners. Let’s respect other people’s ideas and opinions,and make our criticism as objective as possible. Playing being catholic than the pope only paints us insensitive,fixed-minded, and relatively arrogant. N’way the article holds some water; if only u would avoid personal attacks!

  66. True ! Words hv power n impact. If yu empower a person negatively /positively there a fruits. Wat seeds are the duo sowing ? Infidelity, contempt, men being lukd down by their women, wanawake ‘kuwatoa’ mabwana zao nguo, adultery, fornication etc. If any of the souls go to ruin n perish of coz of being impacted negatively God wl deal with u ! Sex sells, violence too, my quiz is, why does the stoke the fires n yet dont gv solutions 2 wat they started ?? Dont b a devil’s agent workin indirectly in tha name of vulgar shows.

  67. All I hear is a bunch of name calling and illiteracy from people who don’t like this blog. Sometimes you have to understand what airing ur opinion means before you sit down and type a bunch of bullshit cos you don’t like what the blogger said. How bout y’all write a blog saying classic is the shit…. Seriously!

  68. I wonder y haterz’ asses itch wen u going up the ladder u cn go to hell fo al i care,u cn as well start ur own radio station n give ur bitchy morals …kubaf

    • i presume yo old bur yo behaving like a mere brat.supporting vulgar vices is wot we want to get rid of. on the contrary,u the wan hu suppose to go to hell bitch.

  69. to be honest this is the Devils Work.it doesent matter how you puts it we need to learn how to avoid such instruments in the name of Nyambura,Maina and co. Radio presenter have to learn how to change the society positivety and not throwing word like idiots.i believe all those idiots who call,speak things they themself dont do but just to make fun at the end the society thinks things are not right,this destroys the image of our society,our ladies,our men,our learned women,and our profetion as well,Maina stly up man,most people want to look at you as a rol model in a positive way,you are creative think of something else that will help the society.

  70. Its not like you are forced to listen, the choice is yours. From your comments, it seems like you tune everyday despite the hate.

  71. Thot i was alöne on that.kwanza that wakanai guy wtf does he say.he talks a whole bunch of sh*t that u cant really make sense out of. And to all the contributors to that bull ‘they all wanna talk like they got s’mthing to say but nothing comes out when they move their lips coz all we hear is @*%#&jibberish’

    • I will not judge all the responses to this blogger. but i want one neutral sane person to go through all the stuff and judge for yourself. I think this is a fight btn literacy and sheer primitive and illiterate insanity. period!

  72. I thot 2day they woluld talk about drugs and the effect it has in our society, esp with the passing away of Whitney. If they cannt use the impact they have 2 enlighten pple of such grave issues who will?

  73. Do you know what you did to that small boy by forcing a sausage on him despite the mother’s protest? You made the boy develop a taste for something that the mother could not afford! Where was she to find the money to buy a sausage every time the small boy craved for one?

  74. you r obviously mad at classic n Maina n Ndambuki.tho i dont lyk ua abusiv words,i totally agree wit u.its hy tym radios got creative n avoid glorifying illicit sexual practices in our society..atleast we have one big reason y vices like rape,sodomy r on the rise in our country.i hope cck gets this.

  75. I must admit am a great fun of classic esp of the music they play but a times it’s ashaming on the stuff aired. Yes thz things happen,it’s a reality but a boundary needs to be drawn! Let’s know what stuff to be put public & which ones to remain private!! Otherwise no need to criticize one another on the basis of matters lyk sexual lyf,stereotype,tribe etc. Everyone has a ryt to choose & its the decisions you make that defines you!!!

  76. It does not make sense… the dude complaining about the show has used similar language that this guys use. Can someone tell us the difference. You are the same as them. Anyway, keep listen to your local radio and avoid Mainas.

  77. Now, I really think that some of the advice given here is quite true to the very people dishing it out. For instance, when someone tells the blogger to get a life, isn’t that what he has, that which has enabled him to contemplate and write the article? Anyway, am looking at it from another angle, we cant mince words and pretend that some Kenyans are not addicted to bad stuff, even the ever common “pombe haramu” is taken by individuals at their own pleasure and when it works negatively on them, it becomes a nation wide issue. So, could they, the lovers of Mwalimu and Kingang’i suggest that the timing be rescheduled to some time in the night, when our kids are not in the matatu’s with us in the morning and we don’t have to fidget beside them praying that we get to our destinations sooner. As for those with lives and basking in Maina n Kingang’is glory… Enjoy your life.

  78. Sonnia and the rest suggesting that the blogger grows up and changes the station… Here’s the thing mats in my hood only play classic 105 24/7 now how the hell am i s’ppsd to make the driver change the station?i’l be compelled to listen to the freakn vibe for a whole 1 n 1/2 hr drive everyday.

  79. nessam , Tonny King n those with the same ideas,its actually the way to go…if anyone hates classic 105 just dont listen,it does’nt make u look better to throw insults at someone who isn’t picking a fight with u n has no idea hw u feel about his show in the first place.

  80. Wat awhite painted sulphure?misleadi’n da pple in thirst of fame,,revltn cmes by tellin ppe da naked truth so dat wen they oppose yo stand ur ground to be counted.da few elite shld lead da majority 2light

  81. Silly dude we have several radi station you can listen to you hater get a life wacha maina afanye kazi yake wivu wivu wivu you asshole

  82. U r a big ass,Maina n Kingangi r telling ppl what they want 2 hear n also affecting thier day 2 day lifestyles,my friend u seem to be living in the stone age f**k u big n wake up,Classic keep the fire burning bravo

  83. Dats da naked truth….all maina en his followerz know is Sex Fuck en Bulshit from jan to dec……CCK pliz save our society. Such discussions should be at late nite…afta 11pm.

  84. i like this @I am.
    kenya is getting rotten and once i heard that injustice prevails because good people refuse to talk. This is one good person who seems to be having some matter between the ears unlike…you knnow who….

    Truth fm 90.7 is quite enriching and fulfilling

  85. I think you have a very valid point. Peddling low brow and barely intelligent material to the masses highly insults the listening public and creates a need for similar shows as other stations feel the need to address that demographic. This in turn reduces the pool of appropriate radio shows that discerning listeners can choose from. I think that while Maina is working on earning his living, it behooves him to factor in quality while he goes for quantity in his audience.

  86. Get a life hater, its a free market n evrything is the offing its upon urself 2 choose wat u want 2 listen 2. If I choose 2 listen 2 Maina n Mwalimu, I do nt ask 4 permission from any1,I jz tune in!
    Maina n Mwalimu r just bt the servants of the people, infakt wat they do is giv the pple wat they want.
    If ur findin the 2 2 b on the wrong, then I must authoratively tel u that u hv failed miserably in ur lil’ propaganda. Othrwise, hw do u kil a messanger 4 delivering the mssge hwevr gud or bad it is 2 u or 2 any othr party concerned? Check 1st on the society then come 2 the mssge deliveres if u hv 2!

    N btw, I hope u DO NOT get the popularity ur seeking thru this letter!

  87. Stop hating, who forces you to listen? If you can’t stand the heat, get the hell out of the kitchen. The show is just amazing…

  88. What target audience!!!! so if I want to sell drugs and I identify my target group that makes it legitimate? What I always ask myself is how Ndambuki found himself here coz to me he looked like somebody whose morals are unquestionable. The show would still be popular without the dirty talk. Heshima si utumwa. Let them understand their station is listened to by all age groups because of the timing. I wish Maina would wake up at 12am and do his show till 5am and talk all the filth he can together with his fans. Then when morning comes they can schedule educative programs that focus on good moral standings, economic growth, sports and others that we can listen to as we drive or commute to work. You cant sell drugs to people because that is what they want, neither should you air negative, vulgar and morally eroded shows simply because you think that is what they want to hear.

  89. I think everyone is entitled to her opinion now if ur bored listening to them kindly switch to another station coz there so many otherwise no need to argue about them.Lets enjoy what we enjoy listening to!

  90. thats bullshit, tht anonymous creature is nt forced 2 listen 2 the mrng show. If he doesn like the show,he has a freedom of moving ama listening 2 another radio station. I kol thz crap, myself i lv da show thts wat mataz .

  91. u r just but a f*Ckng idiot, u have an alot of optional radio station to listen to I wonder y u stick to classic, (ajabu ya shingo kukataa kulalia muto) i think u enjoy every bit of it en if not u r the shenzi type we talk about. Maina’s talk are real en they happen in our society wake up en stop living in denial. Is ur things there or u r one if those who there private parts were chopped off hence that bitterness. omera igombo ni siandani ogol luya luk for translation from a jang’o.

  92. Get a life damn Ass! Think beyond your nose! This shows how idle you are. Or are you hurt by the talks are you a victim kuchezwa na mama ama? Think! Be smart!

  93. i hv nothing against abt maina n his sexuality or his show. i used to be a classic die hard fun until it all sounded bull shit to me. i neva tune to classic any mo mayb only when tina is in studio. i listen to hot 96 bcoz there’s mo music than talking. guyz let me tell u, u feed ua mind with crap n crap is what u get out. u may neva know but all this is accumulating in ua subconscious mind n in one way or the other it’l kam out. be wise in what u chose to listen to. selling drugs is a lucrative bizz but it dosnt make it ryt bcoz sb somwhea gets hookd up n cld succumb eventualy e.g whitney houston. the show is crap n they say crap n its BORING n even if he’s making dimes he is just giving crap. look at the face book founder he’s a self made billionare at an early age but its not out of crap. maina’s show is crap n crap alone n the listeners r worse than him. i was blinded by it at 1st but i got wiser. those telling the blogger to go make money in his own way how much hv they themselves made?

    • i am so happy someone finally said something about that show. It is leading our men and women astray and they don’t see it, saying tune to other stations is not helping can’t you see you are loving crap?

  94. We all know Maina(GayTwart..smh)and crew are getting good paper, but i can simply say they’re really shallow/narrow minded to have a show full of so called “Reality/Facts(PureBollocks to me)…in the guise of pleasing the listeners..and making money, popularity..i dont get how you can prop a person for openly polluting and degrading society with such shenanigans(SameStories e’day) i even pity the listeners even more(garbage in garbage out)…adultery has been there since the days of abraham & moses..there’s nothing new under the sun..so by him having these discussions..WE AINT LEARNING SHIT..or any life lesson. We all know life is a bitch and i believe its all written in stone, so we have to learn how to expect the unexpected in whatever situation were in and learn how to be strong inorder to cope with the drama in your life. Life aint for the weak hearted..listening to verbal diarrhoea has no gain whatsoever, we should learn to grow a pair. I end my ranting by saying “Opinions are like Buttholes, everybody got one”. This is mine.

  95. hahahaaa….Bravo to Maina & Mwalimu r kenyan hero. all those who have contributed truly listen to da BOOM show. Good indication of the show popularity
    Guys keep up listening to the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. Then listen to KBC Kiswahili service,,,, stop making a name out of nothing choose what u want to hear n do what u think is right…..

  97. Only pple who are guity to the show are the ones complaining, we are on the next century for God’s sake. No one is forced to listen to the show, we hv so many channels in da country. just switch 2 ua favourite channel and stop arguing abt the show.

  98. Th one who thougt ths ws absolutly rght, bt thn why write all th BULLSHIT, the guys are making their living. Tune on your local vernacular radio station. Kwani do u get paid after listening to Maina & Mwalimu? To hell, enda ICC.

  99. As far as freedom of speech is concerned, i doubt whether it allows one to air offensive content to his/her audience (this may be your ‘gospel’, but to some of us its utter crap!), Maina should be sued, its that simple…and you people saying that one should change the channel, ignorance is no defense… the nuisance does not necessarily have to come to you, you can go to it and force it to stop. that’s y u can sue a noisy (loud music) neighbour whilst you have the option to move house! so yes, other stations are there, and yes, i can tune to any other, but that doesn’t make what he does right, after all, won’t that just be running away from the problem?

  100. The whole lot…maina, carol, ciku etc are simply in no position whatsoever to advice anyone on issues r/ship. simple, if they are soo good in them, how far have they gone with it? what is there to show for it?
    But its like this, anyone listening for some advice from them IS the problem, not THEM.

  101. just coz u have a mouth doesnt mean u should talk crap about people,especially successfl ones….dont speak 4 everyone. Let people listen 2 what they want to…u also have the choice uaself.

  102. The show is crap,wouldn’t be caught dead listening to it,anyway just wondering wtfck.. pple still listen to radio stations at this age????Funny how the show is just being supported by “felines” only, on this blog…
    We not saying ban the show, but at least air the show when our kids are sleeping…and show some respect.

  103. he may well be feeding out of your shallowness, come to think of it, who is shallow here, there is a whole range of stations you can listen to, i know your excuse right now, “i don’t have a choice in a Matatu” well, you do, how about an alternative means of transport say like getting your own car and if you can’t just quit your job fvcking idiot!! get a life!!

    • You are the one who actually sound shallow fellow…you simply cannot comprehend a logical argument abt an ISSUE…as far as you are concerned, getting into another matatu, buying own car, switching station, or ‘quitting job’ is a solution to an ISSUE….do you see how ‘DEEP’ your thoughts are? and of course you crown your ‘deep’ thoughts with vulgarity….keep it up!

  104. You Dude uko kama mama? kwani u r jst lke smebdy who iz pos’sd? u r jst like th mthr of the boy whom u gave the sausage to, leave us wit awa station

  105. Most of those participating in maina’s show r simply idle men n housewives coz at that time those working should already have reported at their work places n thats y the show is full of trash

  106. y do u this desperate Kenyans turn to radio presenters for relationship advice. dont blame the presenters alot,look on the other side & c how many loosers call in daily with shitty issues that can be solved by a 5yr old. spare king’angi but Ciku! f**k i hate that lady! n Maina shld step up.

  107. Everyone who has criticised the blogger has called him a “hater” or called on him to get a life. You have your right to disagree with his opinion however the abuse makes you look shallow and unable to take part in a level headed discussion.
    Then again the reason Maina’s show is so popular is because of people like these. *my two cents worth*

  108. Nobody forces you to listen to Classic 105! So stop hating on Maina and Ndambuki. If you dont like their content, for chrissake, there are so many FM stations you can tune to!!! Stop the motherfucking bitching!!

  109. Very true…….especially where you say “”But I have to ask, who is shady? Maina or his listeners? Is Maina just a smart guy feeding off a shallow society? Or is it Maina who is feeding society with his shallowness??”….

  110. true sana! first of all your freedom of expression is nt an absolute ryt it is subject to LIMITATIONS chapt 4 of the constitution. simple minds love that drama but thea are forces in nature that act on every situation to create a balance/equilibrium wth time more people wl realys how boring and monotonous it is. you wl move away frm that stupidity. i usd to love the show untl i flt the foolishness, illiteracy n idiocy exposd thea was coruptng my mind I left. thoz supportng Mainas source of income ANAWAPEAN

  111. You guy u r either a bitter man who kant mek it far like them or u r dying of jealousy koz they r successful unlike you … Either way since u arent the 1st to try this ‘stunt’ .. We 4give the foul side of your brain 4 such a poor diarrhoea of words and konstipation of thoughts …. If u r realy -hurt – jst deal with it

  112. Morning,i appriciate the bloggers view i couldnt agree with him any less.bt to say every coin has its two sides..lyk u said the networks make the show script them n air them,ratings is their goal,.its nt entirely maina n kingangi’s fault bt they play a role,n despite the shows there at times i have learnt 1 or 2 thngs..al am saying there are 2 sides of a coin,n neva jst look at the bad bt also the gud.

  113. the line i don support or disagree with in this lit. is “…It’s not like they have good music either. Their music is as interesting as a cold Baker’s Inn sandwich….!! ”
    i say they got good music…the artists are not maina and ndambuki!! the rest of the opinion influences the society negatively!

  114. what you people should do is mind your own business!there is freedom to listen to any frequency so switch to other channels.let the ‘idiots’ enjoy the show!fulstop!

  115. U don’t have to listen to classic 105.tune to a radio station of ua choice( there are like 1000s out there) and leave maina & Mwalimu do what they know best.The last time I checked there’s freedom of choice.

  116. One, just because children nowadays know way more than they ought to doesn’t make it right. What happened to our morals, respecting our sexuality? What we are doing to our children is wrong. We have weeds and what we are doing is adding manure, watering, pruning…we should remove them! Maina’s show is doing just that! And for those of you telling us to switch to another radio, REALLY? Come on, base your argument on something!
    Two, let’s not get the blogger wrong. He is not attacking Maina, he is attacking what his show has become. I think once you understand that you will realise what a mistake it was to jump the gun. Before you react listen. Comprehend and for heaven’s sake make sense of what is going on!
    Our society is in shambles. Let us put our pride aside and face reality. Let’s be done with being the proverbial ostrich.

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