No valentine for this Nigerian brother..

Babe: baby do u still luv me like before?
Guy: yes luv! My luv for u will never change.
Babe: dats my babyyyyy
Babe: I want u to buy me somtin.
Guy: just name it
Babe: its just one BB porsche
Guy: no problem.just find out d price and let me knw
Babe:its 480,000 naira
Guy: is it manual or authomatic? is it still in a good shape, as in, d engine. Have u checked d fuel consumption too?
Babe: honey, it’s not a car o. its a phone.
Guy: : phone?!
Guy: dat means it will have a fridge, generator set, plasma and a wardrobe, abi?
Babe: are u buyin it or not?
Guy: pls am not o! I cnt!:O
Babe: Helloooooo!
Guy: Hiiiiiiiii !igwe come see this woman oooooo!!!
Babe: dnt even border again. I’ll call alhaji to get it for me dis evenin.
Guy: Better still, call Atiku he will be faster
Babe::am goin to delete u
Guy: is ur fone hanging? Cos I have deleted u since u mentioned porsche.
Guy: Idiot! How much is bride price even in igbo land sef…


happy valentines ya’ll and guys make sure you don’t end up like this guy…..


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