Recently I watched this new movie called MACHINE GUN PREACHER and I got interested into finding out the ongoing terror in Uganda. The movie is based on a true story of the LORD’S RESISTANCE ARMY (LRA) reader JOSEPH kony and SAM CHILDERS a rights fighter from NORTH DAKOTA. Sam was a former gang biker before getting saved and coming for a piece mission to Africa in 1998. He found himself involved in a fight between Joseph Kony and The government. With time his wife and him formed Angels of East Africa Children’s orphanage whose main objective was to save the African children from been abducted to be soldiers.



He had a good relationship with his siblings, but if they crossed him he came down hard on them.When confronted, he often resorted to his fists rather than parrying verbally. He was teased in school about his size and the teachers gave him a hard time for his low grades. His father was a lay catechist of the Catholic Church and his mother was an Anglican. Kony was an altar boy for several years, but he stopped attending church at about the age of 15.As a teenager, Kony apprenticed as the village witch doctor under his older brother, Jamie Brow, and when his older brother died, he took over full responsibility. A high-school dropout, Kony first came to prominence in January 1986. His group was one of many premillennialist groups that sprang up in Acholiland in the wake of the wildly popular Holy Spirit Movement of Alice Auma (aka Lakwena). However, the conflict in the north began with the resentment among the Acholi at their relative loss of influence after the overthrow of Acholi President Tito Okello by Yoweri Museveni and his National Resistance Army (NRA) during the Ugandan Bush War, ending in 1986.


Soon afterwards after been able to suppress Museveni’s army in some regions, the LRA started its own war crimes. This made Kony’s status to change from the most loved person to the most feared by the Ugandan people…

He abducted over 66000 children to build up his army and killed villagers to acquire their resources and men for women to be his wives.





She was a former child soldier forced to fight for Kony. At 28 years old, she is a spokesperson for human rights and Amnesty International, a co-author of the book Girl Soldier, she has appeared on Oprah, and created her own scholarship program for Ugandan girls rehabilitating from the trauma of child warfare.



In an interview she said “I was captured in October 9, 1996 by the LRA. I was 15 years old. I remember I was at my high school, St Mary’s College. It was only my first year there. They abducted 139 girls. I remember them marching us into the bush. They took us deep into the bush in northern Uganda, and we lived there for one month. Later we were divided into two groups of 15. The first group, my group, was taken to Sudan. We trained to build and dismantle a gun and then trained to fight. I was with the LRA for seven months. Every memory is bad. The killing was so bad. We were forced to beat people. We were forced to become wives of the rebel men. I was given to a man older then my father.”

She explained her escape “After seven months, the Sudan Liberation Army who were fighting against their government for the people, joined forces with the Ugandan government. They knew where the LRA was. They attacked the camp we were in. At once people started running. I ran away and spent three days in the bush by myself, people from southern Sudan found me and I made way back to Uganda.”

She was just one of the few that have managed to escape Joseph Kony’s wrath.



The ICC has commanded Uganda to find all ways possible to capture Kony since 2006. Many governments and HUMAN RIGHTS NGO(s) are fighting a war to save the African child from been forced to fight a war that is not theirs.

To understand this story more check the internet and Wikipedia and also watch the movie: MACHINE GUN PREACHER for an overview of the story.

click this website to join a campaign  to support Kony’s capture

the kony 2012 part 2 documentary is out..


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