operation mulika embu town..

today i bring you a small article on the “mulika county edition” and the town on the spotlight is a peaceful town in Eastern province Called Embu or E-town as by the natives.

embu monument

We have been doing some intense work in Embu which we finished yesterday.Embu is a queer town. There is a hotel called Morning Glory where a chapatti costs 120/=.But that is a story for another day.

Well after completing the work which brought us here, we decided to sample the nightlife here. We just wanted to have a small drink and shake a bit of leg. We went into a pub in town called ‘Innocent”. The young girls in that pub did not strike me as innocent.

Again let’s leave that one aside. Two of our colleagues went to visit the gents. There is a narrow corridor which leads you to the gents. On their way back,4 guys appeared from nowhere and tried to block their with the intention of robbing them. They had to crash their way out. That’s “innocent” pub for you.

After this incident, we decided that this place being not as innocent as it appears, we should go elsewhere. Our next destination was ‘KENOL’.This is a very cool place, they play those oldie Lingala music of Franco,Madillu and such like. The place was not very packed, this being a week day.

kenol tavern

No sooner had we took out table, than a bootilicoius and very beautiful lady appeared from nowhere. Like an ambush of some kind. She said hi to us and we though she was the manager or something like that but she told us she was just a client like us. We asked her if she could join us and she said we give her time to excuse herself from her friends and also pick her beer. After about 5 minutes, she came back and joined us.She told us she works with Unicef.She knew a lot about politics and looked very learned. She told us she is RAO supporter number and that Luos are good fookers. My tree almost stand.She told us her sister is married in Ugenya.

After sometime, she told us they were with the wife of OCPD Meru who had quarreled with the husband and was available. We asked her to tell her to join us too.It turned out that the OCPD wife was such an ugly mutherfooker but we allowed her to join us all the same, no harm.At some point,I asked her if we could dance..oohh my God!,she did me those bendover stuff mpaka my tree stand(wanjohi,2011).We took turns in dancing with her and our trees standing.

One of our collegues started to seduce the OCPD wife,but not serious.He was more interested in the booty gal.OCPD wife started calling him sweety!.I am glad that ugly thing did not call me sweety.I cant be called sweety by supu and lovemat then I get called sweety with such ugly things.Later in the night,we decided to go to another pub in town,we wanted a more noisy place.I don’t remember the name.

We tried to dump OCPD wife but she was sticking like a tick.We said no harm,let the goat come with us.In the new place down town,OCPD wife decided to order for chicken and chips without consulting anybody.One of my collegues who was now a bit stoned started seeing a lot of beauty in this woman and paid for the chips and her beer.After sometime, the fellow told her she looks like Beyonce and that he wanted to climb her. The other booty gal was now sitting alone in a corner with our colleague who had showed interest in her. The third colleague was trying to hook another young gal. As for me I had vowed never to ever climb another gal apart from Nyasembo, my very bootilicious and beautiful wife.

As night went by,all my three collegues had a gal,One was with Beyonce,One with booty gal and the other with some young gal.Dr.Jakenya was the only one hanging alone. But I was able to sample booty through bendover dance.

At around 3.30pm,it was time to go sleep. We called two taxis to take us to our hotel rooms because there were seven of us now.I looked odd, each guy had a chick and Dr.Jakenya was just there alone.

Well we reached the hotel and everyone went their way to sleep.
The next morning, the guy with the booty gal had lost 15K,the last thing he remembers was the girl sitting on a chair next to the bed,he didn’t even climb her and she was nowhere to be seen. The guy with OCPD wife(Beyonce) had lost a Blackberry and Ideos phone and 5k,she was gone,we found him sleep deep in sleep with mouth open, the ugly goat was nowhere.

The one with the young gal was lucky and was even able to have morning glory. He even called a taxi to drop her in town.Dr. Jakenya,the fool, was fresh fresh with his 50k and all his belongings intact.Dr.Jakenya(Phd,OGW) will always stick to his principles whatever the circumstances, even if tree stand, he will forever remain true to Nyasembo.



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