things women do that drive men….craizyyyyyyy!!!

We all know that a man and woman must at one time have a life together. Its called nature…as a man is sharing his moments with his wife, you will never find him not complaining of some small issues his wife does. Women are known to have some characteristics that don’t seem to mature from a known place.. For men, all they have to do so that to leave peacefully in the house is to just bearing with this characteristics.. Here are some of them:

1: Probing men’s inner thoughts
You’re snuggled up on the sofa, enjoying a rare moment of peace and quiet. And then comes THAT question – ‘What are you thinking?’ You’re only trying to foster the atmosphere of intimacy and perhaps hoping for some proof that you’re the centre of his thoughts. But his mind may have already wandered to yesterday’s football scores and he’ll have to lie to keep you happy. Compliments are lovely, but if you wait until he chooses to dish them out, they’ll be that much sweeter.

2: Talking too much
It’s official – us girls love to chat. In the ladies’ loo, at the gym, at the pub – we have something to say most of the time. But while no one likes an awkward silence, it’s worth remembering your man is not your sound board, like your best friend might be. He doesn’t care quite as much about Julie in reception’s b00b job, or the fact that you’ve been searching high and low for spring’s must-have colour block skinny jeans. Stick to subjects that will interest you both and ask lots of questions – especially when you’re getting to know each other.

3: Nagging
‘Have you paid the gas bill yet?… Are you EVER going to fix that shelf?’ Women have a habit of going on in such a way that the more they nag, the lower the chance their man will ever do whatever it is they’re being asked. The solution? Do it yourself! Failing that, ask sweetly and sparingly, and lavish him with gratitude when it eventually gets done.

4: Obsessing about weight
Women are bombarded with images of perfect beauty, so it’s no wonder fretting about our appearance is an hourly past-time. But even though it might not seem like it, men just aren’t as interested in our bingo wings as we are. If you radiate self-confidence, no one’s going to notice those extra three pounds you put on recently.

5: Pinching other people’s chips
No one’s going to judge a girl if she orders her own plate of chips, or a dessert for that matter. But if you virtuously stick to a salad and then proceed to demolish the tasty stuff from the plate opposite, it’ll raise a few eyebrows. Go on – order the chocolate pudding if you want it. And don’t worry if you don’t want to share!

6: Gossiping
According to scientific types, a good gossiping session is a way of bonding and triggers the release of endorphins, those hormones that make us feel happy. This is all well and good, but when it descends into a bitching fest it can be a turn-off. And if the focus of the gossip is someone the man knows too, it can be very awkward next time he sees them.

7: Taking forever to get ready
Even if the end result is a vision of beauty, it takes a very forgiving man to shrug off a three-hour wait. Men understand women want to look their best, but are perfect nails and expertly smoothed dresses really necessary for a visit to your local curry house? Being ready quickly will show how laid back you are, and give you both more time to have fun.

8: Shop till YOU drop
If a man is lucky enough to share his life with a girl, chances are he has to share it with a massive shoe collection as well. Dragging him around the sales for hours, splurging obscene amounts of cash and then taking up valuable storage space with your spoils can drive him up the wall. While retail therapy can soothe many a crisis, perhaps leave your partner at home next time!

9: Wearing too much make-up
We’re all for making an effort, but caking on too much slap risks bringing out your inner drag queen rather than your secret sex kitten. False eyelashes, fake tan and hair extensions all have their place, but a girl can look fab without resorting to these tricks. Far much better to enhance your natural beauty instead of hiding it, and remind him how gorgeous you really are.

10: Over-analysing everything
Let’s face it, men really aren’t that complicated. So if a guy says, ‘I’m a bit busy right now. Can I ring you later?’ chances are, work’s really quite hectic. One kiss in his texts instead of the usual two doesn’t mean he’s gone off you, and a surprise cup of tea doesn’t mean he’s feeling guilty. So give men the benefit of the doubt, take things at face value and you’ll save yourself a heap of stress.


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