easy ways to resolve relationship problems..

Time to time we find couples having trouble dealing with their issues. Some end up breaking up since they don’t know how to resolve the issues after a big fight… some pointers to help you when faced with such a problem are:

1. Seeking counseling

Sometimes you just have to believe that getting advice from a third party is the right thing to do. Talk about the issues you are having, what you don’t like about your partner and such stuff. Also you can visit the counselor separately to talk about things personally disturbing you. It’s the counselor’s job to give you ways to heal your relationship.

2. Notice the good

When faced with problems the most obvious reaction is always to view your partner in a negative way. This does not help but actually worsens things between you two. Take time to put the anger aside and just notice the good things about your partner. May it be the chickish laugh you like, the way he/she dresses…etc. such things will be actually a motivator for you guys to solve the issues you have.

3. Listen

We all know that most time women are always correct but at times they are also wrong. So, the best action to take is to listen and pay attention to what your partner is telling you. Maybe he or she is trying to correct you of something they have noticed has been happening. hearing your partner’s point of view will turn out to be a great thing as it will bring understanding which will make you understand where he is driving at.

4. Talk about the situation

Rather than giving each other the cold treatment, find time to speak to each other about the issues bothering you, how it affects you and how you can solve it. Remember where you are isn’t just your effort but both of yours so don’t use the term “I” only; Use “WE”. This will help you learn that both of you are now one not two.

5. Do something you enjoy together

Take this initiative as the guy or lady for that matter and just plan a get-away activity for you and your partner. Make it as a surprise if you can because that will even sweeten the moment. Go and do something you both like and try and forget all the problems you have with each other. It will help alot to remind your partner how it feels to do something you both like.

This few tips can save your relationship and i advice you to use them where possible.



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