7 worst things to say on a first date..

basically there are things you will say on a first date and ruin any possible chance of a life with that guy you have fallen for so be careful..here are some of those lines..

1. Avoid talking about X(s) — his, yours, simply avoid the subject altogether. You don’t want him thinking about his ex-girlfriends when he is with you, and you certainly don’t need to bring up any of your exes for him to compare himself to. You can talk about this when you get to know him a little better, buy your first date is not it. It is much too serious a topic on a first date.

2. Leave religion alone for now. This is a very important topic that must be discussed later if you are going to get serious with this man. This is one of those things that can really lead to some major debating and arguing. You might ask about it in a general way, but don’t prolong the conversation, especially if both of you have different religious backgrounds. Save that debate for another night.
3.  Politics, like religion, can be a serious subject that is best left alone on the first date, especially if you have radically differing views. When you get to know each other more it becomes easier for you to understand each other’s point of view.
4. Do not tell him about your crazy relatives on your first date. If you have some family members that are a bit less than reputable, you might not want to mention them. He probably does not need to know that your family has a history of mental instability or that your relative so and so is in prison for assaulting a twelve year old girl.

5. Avoid talking about any criminal past you might have. Maybe you assaulted your ex, but if you tell him that on the first date, he probably won’t call you again. Don’t lie about it, but don’t bring it up, either. Save that for the third or fourth date.

6. Avoid talking about any future plans that involve him. It is your first date with him. You don’t want to sound desperate or get ahead of yourself. Don’t talk about settling down, finding that perfect house, or having children with him or any guy at this time.

7. Finally, do not discuss things you know he/she is not at all interested in. They probably does not care about the latest book club pick is, so don’t bore them with details about it. Try to stick to subjects that the two of you have in common.


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