ladies and guys inboxes

Have you ever wondered of the man differences between a lady’s inbox and the guy’s? well they are several of them and you will be impressed of them. Here are a few:

A lady’s inbox:

1. BRIGHT-hello gal i have being trying ur number but its not goin through, i just want to let u know that i love u.

2. DAVE-Just give me a chance i promise i wont fail u pls.

3. COLLINS-I will be going to rave, do u mind to join me?

4. ALHAJI-Send me ur account number.

5. CHIEF-I will love 2 see u again i really enjoyed last nyt.

6. CHRIS-Please don’t do this to me just let me kiss u just once.

A guy’s inbox:

1. CHICHI, sister-Please send me money 4 my exams its just ksh.18000.

2. BLESSING-Don’t call this number again.

3. LANDLORD-Pay ur rent b4 weekend because you are late or u will be thrown out of the house after the week.

4. MOTHER-My son our money 4 eating is almost finished please send some more or we die of hunger.

5. Neighbor’s daughter-I missed my period last week.

6. FATHER-I’m in d hospital now, i need money 4 kidney operation, ksh.120000 is needed, bring it b4 tomorrow or u can keep the money 4 my burial.

I know you have experienced this once a few times..its reality guys and it happens every second in life.


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