Ladies! Ladies! Ladies! These ladies we have nowadays can be very notorious and dangerous. So yesterday i went to a certain supermarket and i was amazed  i was sad i did not find what i was looking for but i ended my day happy but full of shock and fear for ladies.
So this two ladies,”beautiful ones” for that matter enter the supermarket just like any normal customers and start shopping. No one could recognize their true intentions but thanks to the CCTV cameras installed, a whole new side of them was discovered. The footage from the cameras showed how they entered the supermarket, went round the supermarket twice or thrice (this was probably for reconnaissance)  and then went for their target. The target this time was 2kg packets of rice. They did it with so much professionalism that customers and supermarket staff would not notice. The two ladies had picked the rice and placed it between their legs under their long dresses…WOW this ladies were just hilarious! when they were caught, they would not run since they would drop the rice so they started pleading with the security officials saying they had no choice. i will let the picture say the rest since i’m still in shock.


ladies please use your bodies for the right purposes because this would be way more than embarrassing for you.


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