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  1. DIGIMatrix Technologies has been established for one purpose only, to give the best technologies related to everything Digital and 3D and computerized in the Advertisement, Signage, Interior Decoration and Furniture Industries.

    We have combined our long years of experiences, researches, studies, developments, and successful networking with the best manufacturers worldwide in order to come up with ultimate solutions for the Advertisement, Signage, Interior Decoration and Furniture Industries.

    At all levels, we have chosen to concentrate on everything related to the Digital , Computerized, Automated and now 3D Technologies in 2 of the most important and

    Major segments:
    1 – Digital Outdoor and Indoor Advertisement and Signage Machines and Equipment.
    2 – Interior Decoration, Furniture and Kitchen related automatic and computerized machines and equipments.

    With the world now is going more into Digital and also 3D effects products we at DigiMatrix decided to provide similar solutions to our customers so they can have better chances to supply more attractive products to their own customers and clients .. we are looking all the time to have the latest and the best as well as at the same the price and cost attractive machines and equipments.

    Few years Back We have started with 3 Products and today we grew to have more than 17 different products either in machines division or materials and consumable division.

    Few years Back We have started with 2 Engineers and today we are proudly have 8 qualified engineers and technical support team give the best service on 24/7 basis to all our customers.

    Few years Back We have started to be one of the suppliers in our region today we are proudly considered as one of the market leaders and we are still keeping the same mentality and policy to be closed to all our customers no matter what are their requirements and needs.

    We, at DIGIMatrix are able to provide a full ROI (Return on Investment) calculation for each items of our product line in order to help our partner in making the rightful decision.

    DIGIMatrix is currently operating in more than 24 countries within the Middle East & Africa region.

    Our sales and technical staff are placed strategically around the Middle East & African region, are experienced in many markets. Our offices help to give the support and service required in any country.
    More over, our R&D department, located in Dubai, has been used by many companies around this region to help maintain and service all installations.

    if you wonna know more contact me at

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